Frequently Asked Questions

Is signed for the only option available for delivery?

Yes, I only send parcels using the signed for service as proof of an item(s) getting delivered.

How are your products ECO?

I don’t use any toxic products. For example I use jesmonite (acrylic and water based material) for figurines instead of resin. For painted items I only use non toxic acrylics and non toxic sealers. These are water based. The candles are made using soy wax and eco wicks. I also use packaging which is recyclable and/or reusable.

What’s the information paper sheet?

It is a sheet of paper with all the information you will need in regards to your purchase. It includes things like: how the product(s) was/were made, how to use it/them, care instructions and health and safety.

Are the oddities ethically sourced?

Yes. All the oddities I include in my shop are ethically sourced. I always check with my supplier how the oddities were gathered.
Items like teeth and horns fall off naturally so no animal is harmed.